In Support of Sarah


“Sarah has earned my respect through the years and I have watched carefully how she has earned the respect of her council colleagues. I urge the voters in Ward 10 to support her so she can continue to provide the city with common sense service.”

-Carl Zehr, former Kitchener Mayor

“Sarah’s track record has demonstrated her commitment to building a more accessible, inclusive city.”

- Sue Morgan, Kitchener citizen

“Sarah has demonstrated exemplary leadership at the BIA board table.”

- Darryl Moore, President Kitchener Downtown BIA

“Sarah Marsh is an approachable active member of the community. She doesn’t just represent the people in her ward, she takes each concern seriously and works to actively find solutions.” 

- Aura Hertzog, small business owner

“The first time I met Sarah was exactly four years ago, as she was a first time candidate for Ward 10 City Councillor, and I was an active member of the Central Frederick Neighbourhood Association. 

She asked me about my priorities living and working downtown, and how I saw City Hall playing a role in my life and life in our neighbourhood. With both concerns and celebrations, she listened to and remembered them all.

Sarah has become a member of our neighbourhood, staying tuned in to conversations, following up, and showing up. Sarah has worked to resolve, acknowledge and amplify our concerns in the city and at City Hall. She looks for viable options, creative solutions and communicates them back to us.

The past four years has seen significant change in DTK. Sarah has been a reliable advocate, both in using her experience to push for stronger economic development through multiple levels of government, and in being our voice for compassionate communities. She is also standing up for small changes that affect our daily life, like traffic calming and pedestrian safety.

Sarah has become a welcome part of every neighbourhood she serves, including Central Frederick, boosting our successes and sharing in our celebrations.

Four years ago, I never would have imagined how whole heartedly I would support a single candidate, how supported and advocated I would feel as a resident, and how proud I’d be to have her voice as my representative at council.” 

-Laura Peart-McBride, community builder